Acrossys understands the importance of assuring confidentiality to projects handled by us. We ensure the best infrastructural facilities as measures to affirm physical security, data security and compliance of the signed non-disclosure agreements with the clients. Only authorized personnels in the project are given access to sensitive data. The goal of confidentiality is achieved with proper authentication and credentials that individually identifies a user and controls access to the different data resources.
Non-Disclosure Agreements:

Acrossys assures project and data confidentiality in such a way as to build on a long-term relationship with our clients. We see it as a responsibility to safeguard the clients IP throughout the Project evolution cycle. Non- Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are signed with clients as to ensure data security and confidentiality and we respect the privacy of information. NDAs signed with us clearly detailing on the information or data collected from clients, its purpose, usage, measures taken to ensure security, to whom it is to be shared, etc. We have also signed NDAs from employees on their employment contracts clearly stating that disclosure of information on projects, innovations and clients are not allowed. If required Team Feathersoft has also signed NDAs for clients on request.
Project Based IP Protection:

Acrossys allocate resources dedicated to each project exclusively as to avoid unauthorized use of resources thereby protecting information. We have a well configured ethical networking framework as to restrict the exchange of IP between projects. Each project team is facilitated with a secure work area and its own LAN to ensure efficient client IP Protection.
Network Security:

As a measure to ensure network security we have firewalls configured with servers as to ensure that only users in the development center is provided access. Each user requires an authentication from the server to login to the internal network. At regular intervals virus scans are scheduled as to keep the system free from virus threats. Regular software and platform updates with security patches are updated to ensure better system security. We back up log files constantly monitors usage and activity. We have restricted public e-mail access and have alert mails generated to track any kind of removable device attempted to be plugged in a system as to protect information transfer. Constant security audits are done by the IT department on the developer systems as to ensure security. We also make sure that sensitive data is stored only in encrypted format in the database.

Physical Security Assurance:

Acrossys development labs have strict access restrictions facilitated with proper access controls. Our office premises is under CCTV surveillance with Infrared cameras. The physical access to IT admins is only allowed for IT personnels.We have strict HR policies to govern our employees’ moral and behaviour building and to form stable and professional teams for off-shore development. Our recruitment cycle is very strict with proper document verification, background checks and proper cross verification.

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